Precinct Captains



Mike Sheppard owns all five businesses that make up Porthill, one of our two border towns at Canada. He and his wife and six children moved here over 30 years ago from Texas, where he had been a consultant in the oil industry. Two of his children were able to remain in Boundary County, but Mike is concerned that the lack of work opportunities in this county is the biggest obstacle for children remaining here after high school. This is one of the main reasons he has become more actively involved in local politics. 

Bonners Ferry/Kootenai


Clarice McKenney is a lifelong Democrat who first became active leading a grass-roots effort to make a Spokane, Washington intersection safer, then became a board member of the citizen lobby, Common Cause. She attended the Washington State Democratic Convention in 1968 in support of Hubert Humphrey, had a productive conversation with Illinois Senator Paul Simon on a red-eye flight from Chicago in 1982 and met President Bill Clinton in 1996 when she was a community activist and Cathedral Park Neighborhood Association board member in Portland, Oregon. Clarice became active in Boundary County politics to channel her frustration following the 2016 election.

Moyie Springs

 C. Fay Morris says she was born into the Democratic Party. Of all the many issues and programs Fay supports, her favorites are climate change and overpopulation. “I have always loved people of all colors and ages. We need to love and support each other, to build a community that is nation wide in size. We need to understand that having money alone does not make a successful life.” In retirement, Fay is enjoying having time to read, study, travel and grow and enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness. She says she is most motivated to become involved as a Democrat “to do all I can to get this nation on a progressive path where it belongs."


 Stephen F. Howlett moved to Idaho in 1969 and settled in Boundary County in 1977. Among the things motivating Stephen to become involved with the Democratic Party was the party's responsibility for the clean air & water acts, the voting and civil rights acts, guaranteed student loans, the family and medical leave act, the balanced federal budget under President Clinton and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In addition to being a party member since 1970, Stephen has 18 years of active service with Boundary County Volunteer Ambulance, he served as Parks & Recreation Director and has worked on state and federal issues, including establishment of a livable minimum wage, complete federal- and state-funded education programs, public land use policies and issues and policies regarding environment and economic compatibility. Stephen worked in the retail lumber industry until starting his own business as a building and remodeling contractor. He has been an elected official of the Democratic Party for 14 years and currently is a 2018 candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives. 

North Bonners Ferry

 Greg Johnson has been a Democrat since the ‘70s and an integral part of the Boundary County Democratic Committee for many years, including being precinct captain, Committee Chairman and now, once again helping out as precinct captain. His key issues are the need for a strong, efficient and progressive public education system, health care and responsible environmental policies. He has lived in Boundary County for 34 years and for 31 of those years, until retirement, was a state wildlife enforcement officer. Currently, Greg is a farmer and home building contractor. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from the University of Idaho.  

Valley View

 Joel Huff is a lifelong member of the Democratic Party. Some of the many issues or programs that he is most adamantly concerned with at all levels, including the national arena, are the labor movement, the growing gap between poor and wealthy in our society, expanding privatization of our common services, including education, and the need to improve the education systems on all levels.